Non-Profit Specials

FAST Solutions, Inc. is very pleased to offer all Non-Profit Organizations, in our area, some
very special, cost effective offerings.
We realize that it becomes more difficult each and every
day/week/month/year to operate any business, yet alone a non-profit one typically on the
same budget year after year. We are here to help with the following special offerings
(please note these units are limited availability):

We have 35, 45 and 55 page per minute offerings: SCX-5935FN, SCX-6545N and SCX-6555N

All have the following capabilities/Features:


Including: Duplex, Eco, N-Up, Poster, Booklet, 600/1200 dpi, Watermarks, Overlay, Confidential, Store


Including: Duplex, Reduce/Enlarge, Collate, Non Collate, ID, Clone, Poster, Booklet, Covers, Erase
Edge, Erase Background, Margin Shift

Scanning Including: Scan to USB, Scan to Email, Scan to Net Scan, Scan to Server, Color & B&W Scans

Including: Paperless Fax Reception with Paperless Sending, Traditional Fax Send/Receive

Document Box

Store Printed or Scanned documents in the Box and Print, Print, Fax or Email as needed

Standard Workflow

This feature allows the user to do multiple tasks with a single scan. Example – Scan To Email, Fax to a Number and Scan to An SMB or FTP